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"Our website was impressive and loaded with technology. The BCT Group delivered it more quickly and less expensively than I ever imagined was possible. I recommend them to anyone in business." Robyn Jackson, CEO, Mindsteps Inc

Website (New)

The BCT Group offers a new Ultimate Business Website ® platform that significantly challenges industry benchmarks for delivery time, cost and performance. Our goal was to cut time and cost benchmarks in half, while essentially doubling performance standards. That's why we're now able to deliver high-performance, business websites in 30-45 days, crushing competitors who often take up to 3-5 months.

  • Visual storyboarding
  • Full, live test environment
  • Powerful .NET platform
  • SQL database
  • A fresh image and branding
  • Clear communications
  • Content management
  • Mobile rendering
  • Website analytics

With 30-45 day delivery times for new and refreshed websites, Contact Us today!