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Website Refresh

Most companies wait years for a new website but how often do they simply refresh it?

Websites are a "cornerstone" of doing business and a reflection of how your company is perceived by the market at large. Yet, more often than not, companies do not keep their site properly maintained and updated simply because it is a task to gather all interested stakeholders together for what often amounts to a complete overhaul. That’s why we created a simple site "refresh" that typically takes 30-45 days to update the architecture, content, images, navigation, and features. It's a lighter, brighter, more contemporary way to keep your business impactful.


We live in a visual-based society, where image is everything. Words matter but “less is more” as visitors often tend to scan as opposed to read websites – seeking to get to their intended destination quickly. The ability of your website to leverage imagery and marry form and functionality is crucial to its success.

  • Architecture and Layout Refresh – we assess your architectural platform, the number of pages and general page layouts for opportunities to streamline your site and make it more dynamic
  • Image and Content Refresh – we refresh and invigorate stale, outdated imagery as well as re-tool excessive copy, which often dates a site and makes it less than exciting for visitors
  • Features and Rich Media – how you communicate is as important as what is being communicated, so that's where new features, video and other rich media can make a huge splash

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