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Customer Ignition

80-90% of revenue comes from existing or past favorable clients yet companies focus on new customers. Why?

Companies often disproportionately spend most money and resources inefficiently chasing new customers while mostly missing natural opportunities with the ones they have now. The prioritized goals of most growth companies should be to retain the customers they have now, maximize the organic growth from existing customers through effective cross-sell and upsell programs, and to then focus on the efficient acquisition of new customers. Our programs enable companies to build more effective loyalty and retention programs, while creating strong customer advocates for your company.

  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Programs – drive incremental revenue by identifying natural sales opportunities and effective ways to re-enforce your value proposition to customers
  • Customer Retention Programs – design an effective customer retention program that creates passionate advocates while generating referrals and new opportunities from your base
  • Customer Experience Mapping – simulate the journey and interactive experience customers have with your brand and use this knowledge to stimulate future customer demand

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