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Websites often have only seconds to make a favorable impression while users navigate through. Superior design and navigation are key.

In today's market, a website is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach your target audience(s). Yet not all websites are created equal. Branding, content management, rich media, social media, and mobile related strategies can also have a profound influence.


We live in a visual-based society, where image is everything. Words matter but “less is more” as visitors often tend to scan as opposed to read websites – seeking to get to their intended destination quickly. The ability of your website to leverage imagery and marry form and functionality is crucial to its success.


The user only knows what they experience. Create a great experience where everything was easy to find and users were wowed along the way and those users are likely to come back and tell others. The irony is it's what you mostly do behind the scenes –the architecture, interface, navigation experience and effective management of the site's content – that will create the greatest, lasting impact. Whether it's a phased implementation, a simple refresh or a new website launch, contact The BCT Group for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities.

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